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Carluccios and the Waggon and Horses

Carluccios is the site of one of Brighton's best Regency Gothic buildings, the Central National School which operated as a school from 1829 until 1967. It had two shops on the ground floor with the master’s residence. It became the Central Church of England school and eventually the Central Voluntary Primary school. It closed in 1967 and was shamefully demolished in 1971 before a protection order was received during a postal dispute.

The Waggon and Horses was originally built by Sake Mahomed in 1848 as a gym, hence the first floor is larger than the ground floor. It became a public house in 1852

The National School, Church, printed  by Day and Hague 1831.

Carluccios stands on the site of the former Central National School seen here with the Regent Hotel opposite.

The National School just prior to demolition in 1971

Photo by kind permission of The Regency Society, Brighton and Hove