North Laine History

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The Post Office Sorting Building

The present sorting office was built in 1926 on the site of the Regent Iron Foundry. The foundry produced much of the town's iron work, including a lot of the iron for the town's piers from the 1810s until 1912. Foundry Street, adjacent to the Post Office, is a reminder of what once stood here, as is the name of the local pub, The Foundry.

Brighton's first electricity generator

As well as having a connection to the iron industry, the Post Office was also home to Brighton's first electricity generator, which was sited in the Regent Foundry yard. By 1886 three generators were supplying 1,000 lamps in Queen's Road and Western Road at the request of local shopkeepers.

Now the YMCA

In 1890 Brighton Corporation had built a new power station sited opposite the Iron Foundry in North Road, which opened in 1891, and the building remained until it was demolished in 1986 to make way for the YMCA.

The extension to the Post Office building, opened in 1937, was built on the site of Hammond’s yard where Brighton’s first electricity was generated.

The current entrance to the Post Office still shows signs of the former entrance.