North Laine History

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Queen’s Gardens

Queen's Gardens is an attractive street dating from the 1840s with many architectural features typical of the time. The houses are constructed principally of Bungaroosh, brick, Roman cement, lime-plaster and timber. Although sharing this common set of materials, the street has a distinct and unique personality, one derived largely from the efforts of the original developers to give the facades a unified and often slightly gentrified character with some properties displaying elaborated detail. A small number to the south-west end of the street have fine, moulded, door cases and further north on the same side are to be found properties with rusticated ground floor facades (deep, wide, channels laid into the render). On the north-east side of the street some houses have brick elevations, which would have been expensive at the time the properties were built. Some houses have stringcourses separating ground and first floor whilst some homes have pilasters.

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