North Laine History

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Trafalgar Lane

This little alley has been associated with the timber trade for as long as it has probably existed. In the early days of the area, in the mid 19th century, timber would have been brought into the North Laine by train and then sold on to local carpenters and furniture makers. There were several sawmills and furniture makers in the area and  if you look around the North Laine today there are many reminders of its long association with timber.

Plays were hatched here

At the Trafalgar Street end there is a little hut which used to be owned by Peggy Ramsay. She used to let playwrights staying with her in Kensington Place use the premises to write plays. David Hare is thought to have written some of his plays here.

During the war years children playing in the alley used to refer to it as 'Bogey Alley'.